Released in 2014, Avalon II – The Quest for the Grail is a sequel to the classic 2006 Avalon slot from Microgaming. Both slots are inspired by the stories about King Arthur, the legendary king of the English.

In Avalon II – The Quest for the Grail we are sent out on an adventurous mission to find and retrieve the Holy Grail; a vessel of supreme religious and magical significance. There are eight bonus games to play through to get to the grail, and you will be helped by various interesting characters, such as the wizard Merlin and the mysterious Lady of the Lake.

I like playing Avalon II when I’m in the mood for a modern-style slot with 3D-effects, animated symbols, lots of bonus features, and intricate gameplay. And I always play with the sound on, since both the music and the voice actors are really great.

About Avalon II – The Quest for the Grail

  • Game developer: Microgaming
  • Launch year: 2015
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: Instead of traditional paylines, you can win in 243 different ways
  • Lowest wager: €0.30
  • Highest wager: €7.50
  • Coin value: From 0.01 to 0.50
  • Special features:
  • Four different wild symbols
  • 8 bonus rounds that form a coherent adventure
  • During the last bonus round, Isle of Avalon, it is possible to get a 5099 bonus round multiplier.
  • Merlin can hand out coins and multipliers


The theme for this slot is the Arthurian legends. Examples of symbols that will show up are King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, the wizard Merlin, Morgana le Fey, the Black Knight, the Lady of the Lake, the Holy Grail, and the Avalon II logo.

Wild symbols

Ordinary wild symbol

The standard wild symbol in this game is the Avalon II logo. It can replace any regular symbol, but none of the special symbols.

Expanding Wild

Lady of the Lake is an expanding wild symbol in this game. She can expand to fill the entire third reel. She can replace any regular symbol, but none of the special symbols.

Selected Wild with Multiplayer

During the bonus round Mysty Vale, you get to select which character that will be a wild symbol during the round. This character will also be a 2x multiplier.

Trailing Wild

During the bonus round Forest Falls, Trailing Wilds can help you form winning combos.

The wizard Merlin

Merlin is a powerful wizard who can appear at any time when you’re playing Avalon II; he will conjure up coins for you or give you a multiplier.

The eight bonus rounds

Avalon II features eight different bonus rounds which are all a part of your journey to find the Holy Grail. A bonus round will start when you get a minimum of three Holy Grails on the reels. The first time you trigger the bonus game, you play Lake of Legend. The second time, you play Misty Vale, and so on.

Lake of Legend

Throw the dice to find out if you can restore the broken sword Excalibur and bring it on your quest. The better it goes, the higher your reward.

Misty Vale

Fifteen free spins await you in this foggy valley. Also, you get to select which character that will function as a wild symbol and 2x multiplier during the free spins.

Whispering Woods

This is where the White Knight dwells, and your task will be to select among various shields. Hopefully, you’ll leave with a lot of coins.

Forest Falls

20 Free Spins wait for you at the Forest Falls, and during your free spins, the Trailing Wilds can help you by forming a trail on the reels.

Dusky Moors

As the sun drops, you leave the woodlands behind you and enter the open moor. Now, your task is to match helmets. Matching correctly bring coins.

Morgan’s Keep

You have finally reached the tower where the Holy Grail is. Celebrate with 20 free spins featuring Rolling Reels. For each win in a sequence, the multiplier will increase by one step. The maximum multiplier is 6x.

Hall of Shadows

To get your hands on the Holy Grail, you must first defeat the Dark Knight in the Hall of Shadows. For each injury you cause, you will be rewarded.

Isle of Avalon

You have completed your quest and get to rest and recover on the magical island Avalon. Spin the Wheels of Avalon to obtain your reward. During this bonus round, it is possible to be helped by a very generous multiplier. The highest possible multiplier is 5099.