This is a slot machine from NetEnt where you get to select if you want traditional paylines or 243 winning possibilities. The theme is robots in outer space.

It is possible to trigger a Free Spins Round, but there is no separate window Bonus Round. During the Free Spins round, the wild symbol is extra powerful and can both expand and trigger re-spins. It is also possible to re-trigger Free Spin mode while in Free Spin mode. The fact that the Free Spin mode is filled with these special features made me not miss a separate window Bonus Round when I played Alien Robots.

About the slot Alien Robots

  • Game developer: Net Entertainment (NetEnt)
  • Release year: 2010
  • Number of reels: 5
  • Number of paylines: 30 if you select payline mode, but you can select 243 winning possibilities instead if you prefer
  • Progressive jackpot: No
  • Special features: Wild symbol, Scatter symbol, Free Spins Round with Freezing Expanding Wild that triggers re-spins
  • Smallest possible bet: €0.01 (payline mode) or €0.60 (243 mode)
  • Largest possible bet: €75 (payline mode) eller €150 (243 mode)
  • Available coin values: €0.01 / €0.02 / €0.05 / €0.10 / €0.20
  • Highest individual win on a payline in traditional payline-mode: 10,000 coins. With the coin value €0.20 this means €2,000.
  • Highest individual payout in 243-mode: 1,500 coins. With the coin value €0.20 this means €300.


The theme for this slot is robots in outer space. Examples of symbols that can appear on the reels are the dog robot, the baby robot, the security robot, the butler robot, the construction robot, and the space ship.

Wild symbol

The wild symbol in Alien Robots consists of a robot and the word WILD.

It can replace any ordinary symbol, but it can’t substitute for the scatter symbol (the Spaceship).

Free Spin round with powerful wild

The saucer-shaped Spaceship is a scatter symbol in Alien Robots. It doesn’t pay out any money on its own, but if you get at least three spaceships simultaneously, anywhere on the reels, the Free Spin round will start.

3 spaceships = 10 free spins

4 spaceships = 20 free spins

5 spaceships = 50 free spins

The powerful wildsymbol

During the Free Spin round, the wild symbol is much more powerful than normally. When it helps to form a winning combination, it will spread out to cover the entire reel and you will be awarded a re-spin of the other reels, giving you a new chance to win.

Triggering the free spin mode while in the free spin mode

Yes, it is possible to trigger the free spin mode while already being in free spin mode. There is no set limit for how many times this can happen in a row.

Playing Alien Robots in traditional payline-mode

If you select traditional payline-mode on this slot, you also get to select how many playlines to activate, from 1 payline to all 30 paylines. You also select coin value and how many coins to bet per activated payline (mininum is 1 coin, maximum is 5 coins).

This means that the lowest possible wager is coin value €0.01 x 1 activated payline x 1 coin per activated payline = €0.01.

The highest possible wager is coin value €0.20 x 30 activated paylines x 5 coins per activated payline = €30.

Payout schedule

Symbol2 symbols3 symbols 4 symbols 5 symbols
Baby robot250 coins1,500 coins10,000 coins
Robot butler120 coins1,000 coins5,000 coins
Security robot70 coins500 coins3,000 coins
Robot dog2 coins50 coins250 coins1,000 coins
Construction robot5 coins30 coins200 coins500 coins
Ace30 coins100 coins300 coins
King15 coins80 coins250 coins
Queen15 coins80 coins250 coins
Jack10 coins50 coins150 coins
Ten10 coins50 coins150 coins

Playing Alien Robots in 243-mode

If you reject the traditional paylines on Alien Robots, you get to play in a mode where you can win in 243 different ways instead. Also, a 60x bet multiplier will become active. This means that the smallest possible wager in 243-mode is €0.01 coin value x 1 coin x 60 bet multiplier = €0.60. The largest possible bet is €0.20 coin value x 5 coins x 60 bet multiplier = €60.

Payout schedule

Symbol3 symbols4 symbols5 symbols
Baby robot250 coins1 000 coins1 500 coins
Robot butler100 coins700 coins1 000 coins
Security robot50 coins350 coins750 coins
Robot dog30 coins200 coins500 coins
Construction robot30 coins100 coins200 coins
Ace15 coins60 coins120 coins
King10 coins40 coins100 coins
Queen10 coins40 coins100 coins
Jack5 coins30 coins75 coins
Ten5 coins30 coins75 coins